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“Byakugangbang” part 1

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If you like my works and want support me then you can think…

If you like my works and want support me then you can think about becoming patron.
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3$ – You will get new comic pages before others6$ – You can give me sketch request 10$ – You can give me simple color picture request15$ – You can give me color picture requestPlans for next month:New requests for June (Series:
Naruto, Pokemon (anime/games), Digimon Tri, Fairy Tail,

Bleach, One Piece, Nintendo characters).I will finish two last pictures (Lucy and Himawari).Next pages of “Swap wife no jutsu” comic will appear 20th June. Propably 2 pages.I will start “Bee pollinating a flower 2” comic. Propably one page (it depends on the number of requests).

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